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We’re bringing discipleship into the 21st century

People are more connected now than ever, and yet they are harder to connect with. Meet people where they are at… on their phones and computers.

How it Works

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Write Lessons

Write your own small group material whether that be companion lessons or a full blown study.

Share Answers

Interact with the lessons by answering questions and then starting conversations on each others answers.

Start Discussions

Discuss anything from the group's main page and be sure to tag members or the whole group so they are notified of the discussion.

Manage Groups

Organize all of your church's groups in one place and manage group leaders and studies.

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Introducing your discipleship hub!

Engage your small groups in brand new ways. Forget the distractions of Facebook and other social media and have real conversations around your Bible study.

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Take your small groups online. It's easy!

Now more than ever, it is important to find new ways to engage people. StudyChurch gives you the power to create daily life transforming conversations around the studies you are already doing!

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That's right, whether you are a church of 100 or 10,000, StudyChurch is 100% free!

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